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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Objectives/Aims for the coming 2 years

Hmmm, been pondering upon some issues lately. Nevermind the issues, i'll talk about that some other time. Well, speaking of tittle post, i do have some aims *cough cough* for the coming 2 years. Among the list are:
1)Being able to Graduate as a Chemical Engineer
2)Acquire a good job (well paid possibly XD)
3) To get a girlfriend before my uni life(studying life) ends permanantely unless i decided to take Masters or phd(highly unlikely though)
4)Ttravel with friends preferably somewhere other than S.E.A countries (stil in planning)
5) Party/hang out with my friends more often before we enter the working community

Well, it may be a liltle not ambitious i should say but i think this is what i have in mind for the coming 2 years. This might change though as time passes within these 2 There are some others in my mind but i don't think is a major ambition for me. But my main aim is definitely (1), (2) and (3). Regarding (3), which i don't think i'm able to accomplish due to various reasons but i'll still try though. The possibility of failing (3) is very very HIGH. Well, belum cuba belum tahukan. Although normally i already know the end :( .. Thats all for now. Lots of mid terms tests coming up. There's material this coming saturday, then come monday there's electrical, then sustainable processing (day not confirm) and lastly thursday there is chemical thermodynamics. Very very stress indeed.Sigh. Will have to just do my best! Thats all for now. Weekends are coming in which i don't think i'll get to enjoy due to studies. Hope u guys out thre have fun.

Objectives/Aims for the coming 2 years

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Finally, i went to the cinema and catch a movie with my uni friends earlier. As seen from the title, that's the show we watch. Highly recommended to those who loves funny movies and also those who wants to chill with friends. I would say it appeals to both genders although i personally thinks guy would prefer this(not all guys though). This one is really a hilarious movie. It starts Kevin James whom you may have seen him in movies such as Hitch and I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry. All in all, i got a good laugh throughout the movie and so do the audience. Somehow, the audience were really into it. When i said that, i meant like giving applause to certain scenes and so on. Well, i got to say that when the funny scenes came, the whole cinema erupted with laughter.

The EPL season is reaching the end of season soon with 7 games left but 8 to those with a game in hand. Currently, Manchester United is on top with a mere point ahead of Liverpool but with a game in hand though. I hope that they would fully take advantage of this game in hand. Their recent form in the league is really awful. Coming from two defeats, they managed to somehow scraped out a win againts aston villa and sunderland. Macheada, a 17 eyar old italian forward, bought from Lazio was the instant hero of Old Trafford as both game winners were scored by him. He's indeed a great prospect for the future. Well, lets hope Manu can get all 3 points againts the remaining games againts the top 4, which by achieving so, i think they'll win the league. They're stil in the FA cup too though. Champions League quarter final matches were completed yesterday with Manu, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona going through. YEs, 3 English team and a spanish team. Another English Team in the final but i personally feel that the overwhelming favourite to win the Champion league this season is gonna be Barcelona. As much as i hope for Manu to win, i think its hard though as Barcelona have been playing tremendously well throughout their whole season. With stars like lionel messi, samuel etto, thierry henry, xavi, iniesta, alves, puyol and much more in the squad, they have been dominating the games they played. Lionel Messi, the Argentine star player, had been on form for Barca since the beginning of the new football season. e'll definitely win the World Football PLayer of the year award this year succeeding of course Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, all the predicted were merely of what i think ( My own opinion) that's gonna happen for this year. I think i've written enough for today. Wtf, my first longest post in my blog. haha .. Semester break is ending this week. 3 more days and its back to uni. HAve a nice day all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A deserving Break

Well, this week is my mid semester break which last approximately 1week. Truly deserving i think due to the amount of assignments, labs, online test, tests and reports I've managed to compete before this. Nevertheless, there's more to come after this break. I've got to prepare for 2 mid semester test on week 7 and 8 respectively for Engineering Materials and Electrical. Damn stressful. Hopefully this break does me good in preparing me for the work loads to come very soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WSL 6082

My new car plate number is as stated in the title of this post. According to my mum, this wasn't the number of her choice and apparently she had a typo in the numbers she sent to the dealer. It was supposed to be 6822 where it'll be the third car in the house with this car plat number. Well, i kinda like this number combination though. This brand new car kinda brought my family member some good luck as apparently my grandma won the lottery for second price. haha .. Hopefully this luck continues in my studies though.. lol .. More to come this friday

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Persona and Mid Sem Break is HERE!!

My Proton Persona finally came today but i'm still in my uni library and not home yet! Currently typing this post while completing my structure property report which is due tomorrow. Coming weeks will be really busy with mid semester test for electrical,material and sustainable processing. Labs of chemical thermodynamics,sustainable processing and separation officially started today. I just finished my first lab for a 3rd year unit with my group memebers earlier of the day. The lab took us more than the required time due to unavoided circumstances. Nevertheless, we did finished it though not on time obviously. This week is also quite stressfull as there are test on thursday and reports due on wednesday and thursday respectively. Arghhh! Got to be more tough. Next week is my mid sem break for approximately a week though i don't really think its a playing break. After the break , i had to hand in my assignment 2 for susitainable processing though its a group work and also a online test. I think i will be burning the midnight oil again tonight accompanied by a couple of dota games if there's a slot for me. Well, that's all the update for now. Take care all my friends.!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


My desktop is finally back operating to full 100% capacity. Although, it cost me quite the $$. DOTA! Here i come. lol. Hmm, pretty busy week coming ahead. 2 reports and a online test due the coming week and test 3 for chemical thermodynamics too. Stress Stress! Hopefully i can successfully finish it and score well. My PERSONA might be here this week. Weeeee. Good news indeed but the sad thing is the old car which i'm supposed to trade in is not functioning well. I got to get it fix as soon as possible before the person send my Persona over. Weekends coming which means more relax time less stressing over uni assignments. Even though, i said that but normally its the opposite. Was thinking of watching a movie this week at the cinema. Lots of good movies this month. Examples: Fast and Furious, The Knowing, Race to Witch Mountain, Shinjuku Incident and much more. Anyone interested to watch with me? :) .. lol .. Will post again soon. Have a great day everyone!